Cognitive Training / Rehabilitation Groups

Cognitive Rehabilitation/ Therapy Groups

Cognitive rehabilitation refers to a wide range of treatments aimed at improving a persons’s cognitive and functional abilities by retraining and/or teaching compensatory methods to enhance performance of lost or attenuated skills. A wide range of neurological, psychological, and health conditions may cause difficulties in cognitive functioning, such as in brain injuries, mild cognitive impairment, parkinson’s disease, multiple-sclerosis, diabetes, and depression. Cognitive difficulties vary and may include problems with attention, speed of thought, language, memory, and/or executive functioning such as problem-solving and decision-making. Individuals who suffer from cognitive difficulties often report a profound impact on everyday living activities, social functioning, and quality of life. Cognitive rehabilitation assists individuals in drawing on personal strengths and utilizing compensatory strategies to achieve optimal levels of well-beingand overcoming cognitive deficits.

What are Compensatory Strategies?

Compensatory strategies are strategies that you can use to compensate for difficulties you are experiencing. These may include using a calendar to help you remember appointments , learning to identify and manage fatigue,manipulating the environment to optimize independance, and using multi-sensory learning to improve cognitive functioning. photo-cognitive-assessment-300x253

We offer weekly cognitive rehabilitation groups for individuals with brain injuries, dementia, mild cognitive impairment, and those that are aging normally but looking for ways to optimize their memory. 

There are many different tools that you can utilize to optimize your functioning. Considering there is a lot of variability in how people respond to these strategies, we aim to teach you a range of approaches that you can employ and determine what works best for you in your daily life.

Sessions: Groups are held on Monday and Friday mornings. We aim to have small groups of 4-8 individuals to help meet individual needs. We meet weekly for 1-hour sessions for 6 continuous weeks. You are welcome to re-join groups or have booster sessions at any time.

Assessment: During the first session, we will conduct a brief assessment to determine areas of concern and evaluate the efficacy of methods that you already employ. We will utilize this data to provide you individualized recommendations.

Location: Groups are held at our office in Redondo Beach. Local parking is available free of charge.

Payment: $25 per session or $125 for all 6 classes if paid in advance.

If you are interested in learning more about the group, please contact Dr. Lauren Keats at or call the office at (310) 855-3288.