Welcome to The Neurobehavioral Healthcare Center and the offices of Drs. Raphael Ziegler, Mojgan Moshtael, and Lauren Keats.

We provide a variety of behavioral healthcare services, specializing in neuropsychological and psychological evaluation and therapy services for adolescents, adults and older adults, as well as education and therapy for individuals, caregivers, couples and families. Please click on the tabs above to learn more about the services we offer.


One of our missions at NHC is to increase awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease among our community and to improve treatment options for individuals and their families. We offer a variety of testing and therapeutic services for individuals who suspect and/ or have been diagnosed with memory impairments. Below are other services we provide in the community. 

Memory Screenings: As part of the National Memory Screening Program, we provide free memory screenings (by appointment). Screenings take approximately 10 minutes and consist of a series of questions designed to estimate memory, language, and thinking skills. Results are not a diagnosis, but can suggest if someone should receive a full evaluation. Results are confidential and will be provided to you to share with your physician. Memory screenings are important for:

  • Early detection and intervention
  • Some memory problems are treatable
  • Better planning

Psychoeducation:  If you are a company or group interested in receiving information about Alzheimer’s disease, we provide free 1-hour talks, with the objectives of:

  • Increasing knowledge of early signs and symptoms of AD
  • Developing coping strategies to manage burden
  • Effectively managing the symptoms at the various stages of the illness
  • Promoting independence for loved ones with the disease

Please contact us for more information on how you can get screened at 310-855-3288.